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Organizational Readiness & Strategic Alignment

To succeed in a transformational project, whether to introduce changes to core practices, develop a new metrics program, fulfill regulatory requirements, or implement continual process improvement, it is critical to understand an organization’s readiness to adapt to change. The transformation also must be strategically aligned with the organizational mission and goals. Implematix begins all projects with these important foundational steps.

Process Improvement

Implematix provides organizations a way to look at services and processes from the perspective of the “customer”, whether that customer is a client, service partner, funding institution, or internal department. Once the organization has inquired into process functioning through data, research and customer interviews, Implematix guides the team on how to use the collection of insights to effectively design improvements.

Project Portfolio Management

Most Human Services organizations must simultaneously manage multiple regulatory and improvement projects while ensuring smooth day-to-day operations. Often the number and complexity of projects create confusion and resource contention in the organization, and result in poor results, extended timelines and frustrated staff. Implematix can show you how to organize your resources and manage competing project needs using approaches based on both classic project management and an emerging science of structured implementation in Human Services.

Line of Sight

Implematix supports organizations in creating an environment around data that encourages a culture of curiosity and active engagement with information. Dashboards and metrics are only effective if they measure the right information in a timely manner. This allows the action that is necessary to solve emerging issues. We do this by setting up standards, metrics, processes and forums that will enable meaningful interaction, ownership and even enthusiasm to look at data and make the continuous changes that improve outcomes.


Implementation of programs, initiatives, and legal requirements is challenging for Human Services organizations due to lack of resources, changing priorities and the intense pace of the daily work. How many amazing pilots have rolled out and never taken to scale or don’t function as designed or intended? Implematix brings critical tools and project management best practices tailored for Human Services to leverage the organization’s governance structures, service offerings, and business processes to achieve full, sustainable implementation and improved outcomes.